Sunday, November 6, 2011


Comment by Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador

The militant, terrorist group, Hizbullah, turned a political organization -has nevertheless not made a secret their adherence to the terror methods that have been their leit motif and modus vivendi ever since the first days of their existence.

On another front, Hizbullah must deal with the Opposition leaders in Lebanon who have declared they will not accept any dialogue, unless Hizbullah's disarmament is discussed first.

However, Hizbullah's main goal, the destruction of Israel, will not be relegated to the second place by anyone or anything...


Hizbullah preparing missile war on Israel as Iran braces for attack | World Tribune

“Hizbullah forces are being trained to fire at least 10,000 missiles, right at the war’s outset, at military and strategic targets such as airfields, military camps, and vital facilities including maritime ones, followed by the firing of rockets from launch sites whose location will come as a surprise to Israel,” the report, titled “Hizbullah Discusses Its Operational Plan for War with Israel,” said.

The report, released on Nov. 2 and based on open Arab sources, said Nasrallah has also ordered a ground force invasion of northern Israel. Hizbullah, with at least 20,000 fighters, was said to be planning to deploy
5,000 special forces troops trained in Iran to capture Israel’s Galilee region.

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  1. uel air bombs , Fuel Air Artillery , ( if they cant breath, all they can do is die) metal storm , ground and air craft mounted versions . Scatter air delivered dispersal ground mines. If they cant move what can they do ? Israel needs longer range artillery , which can get their quicker and on target than Jet aircraft without risking Israeli Pilots.